This page details noteworthy video game companies who have developed and/or published Mappy games.

Namco Edit

Namco is a Japanese company founded in 1955, who entered the video game market in 1978. They are the creators of Mappy, as well as Mappy Kids, Mappy Arrangement and the Mappy robots (which predate the game). Several mobile Mappy games were likely developed by Namco as well. They went defunct in 2006, merging with Bandai to form Bandai Namco Holdings.

Bally Midway Edit

Bally Midway was the U.S. distributor of the original Mappy arcade machine. Their contract with Namco ended in 1984 after a licensing feud, leading to them not publishing any Mappy sequels.

Game Studio Edit

Game Studio was a company formed by ex-Namco members who mostly developed games for Namco themselves; one of these was Hopping Mappy.

TOSE Software Co. Edit

TOSE Software Co. is a company that "ghostwrites" video games for other companies. They often go uncredited in their works, but are confirmed to have developed several games for Namco, including Mappy-Land.

Bandai Namco Holdings Edit

Bandai Namco Holdings are the current owners of the Mappy IP. They have not developed or published any new Mappy games, but have rereleased some of the original titles. They also curated the Namco Creators' Program, which led to the development of Mappy Showdown, Touch the Mappy and Mapipo among others.