The Meowkies, known in Japan as Mewkies (ミューキーズ Myūkīzu), are a group of cats in the Mappy series. They are the children of Goro [1], and help guard the stolen goods from Mappy.

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There are three Meowkies - Mewta, Mewchi, and Mew-Mew. In most games they appear identical, but are distinguishable from each other in Mappy Kids (and promotional artwork).

  • Mewta - Wears a neckerchief, lacking the blue fur the other two have. Has good reflexes, and can act quickly.
  • Mewchi - Has very angry eyebrows. He is strong and good at sumo-wrestling.
  • Mew-Mew - Has large, blue eyes. Her great vision allows her to spot things easily.

Technically speaking, more than three Meowkies appear in later levels of the games - but they were never established as other characters.

Note: Cat names are translated from Japanese. There is no official English translation for them.

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References Edit

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